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Hi there,
Well I’ve been sick for 3 weeks with the bloody flu I’m so over it...
It had made my mojo slow and creativity a little hard the first week all I wanted to do was sleep I just couldn’t keep my eyes open and the second week my chest had filled with crap and I was having trouble breathing I honestly thought I was going to drown in my sleep so I had to go to the doctors to get antibiotics and then after I had finished that first corse of antibiotics I started getting sick again so back to the doctors to get more antibiotics as he was worried he might have to send me to hospital but I think I’m getting better now as I’m taking stronger antibiotics and I have less stuff in my chest and I’m still trying to get rid of a sinus infection I had before I got sick so I’m hoping that these antibiotics I’m taking will clear up both chest and sinus well anyway I have managed to create while I’ve been sick just not a lot I created this Travelers notebook page using a photo of my mums dog bobby who’s just crazy about chasing the ball the funny thing is he’s that crazy about it that while I was trying to take photos of him he thought I was going to throw my camera for him to catch so I got some really good shots of him... it’s probably one of my favorite things to take photos of pets and flowers 
Well anyway for my Travelers Page I mixed Santorini and Havana together for this spread..

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