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Hi ..
So on the weekend my daughter Eve and I went shopping and she wanted a big vintage frame for her bedroom made into a pin board for her wall ,she loves all the shabby chic stuff like I do I thought on Saturday afternoon I would sit at my desk in my studio and pull out some stuff to create this pin board ... She couldn't wait to hang it in her room!!

So here are the supply list I used

KD502 KAISERdecor Vintage Frame Large
CB152 12x12 Cork Sheets
modelling paste
Thick cardboard
Prima IOD Moulds #1 #3
Prima Clay 
White paint
Glitter glue paint

Here is what it looked like after I was finished 

I put the clay on wet and glued them down with gesso after the gesso was covering the whole frame I let it dry for a little before adding the modelling paste to smooth out all the brush strokes and gig the clay a more textured look and then a coating of glitter glue paint to give it a added shimmer 

After it was finished being painted I put it in front of my fan to dry while I worked on the cork bit for inside the frame 

For the pin board bit I traced the inside of the frame on some thick cardboard and cut it just a bit bigger then I had traced out then I glued down the cork over the cardboard and trimmed around the edges and painted the cork with a white wash of white paint and applying strong glue to the back of the Frame and glueing the cork to the frame then let it dry for a bit before adding you pins to your board

Thanks for looking ..xx

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