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here is a little tutorial on how i used some scraps to make a card

1. gather some paper scraps and some cardstock

 2. cut your patterned paper to size
3. glue down your patterned paper to your card
4. sew a border around the edge of your patterned paper on your card
 5. punch a border on your next bit of patterned paper
6. then glue it down in the center of your first bit of patterned paper on your card
 7. next take a smaller bit of patterned paper and die cut or use a template to cut out a heart
8. stamp on a sentiment on a bit of vellum around about the same size as your bit of paper you cut a shape out of
9. glue it down in the center of your second layer 
10 to give your card a bit of pop bend up each punched side of the second layer patterned paper
11. add a bit of bling and some flowers and your done

 and here is my finished card all made from left over scraps

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