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Hi there,
I’m sharing a decor piece I created with the redesign with prima products 
You can check out all the design teams fabulous decor projects on the blog they are absolutely amazing!!

Using the Redesign Mould- Everleigh Flourish and paper clay create 2 lots of the Moulded design for each side of the plate 

Paint one side of the plate using white gesso and while wet then apply the wet moulded clay pieces on top of the gesso this will stick the clay pieces in place

Then do the same for the other side of the pate

Once all the moulded pieces are in place used a heat gun to dry the gesso 

Then using the white modeling paste cover the whole plate and moulded clay pieces and smoothing around the edges of the clay pieces to fill any gaps underneath the clay or around it.

Then using the heat gun again dry the modeling paste .

Take a small bit of black gesso and mix it with white gesso to create a grey wash then paint one side and while wet use wipes to dab the grey wash of paint off this will give you the shabby chic look 

Then do the same the the other side of the plate 
I add a dust of glitter over the top 
When you have the desired look you like use a heat gun to dry it 

Then using your fingers apply the Redesign Wax Paste Eternal over the moulded clay pieces 

Next cut a portion of the Redesign Transfer- Bonjour Paris to fit in the center of the plate and apply transfer.

products used

 check out the redesign with prima blog for lots of decor ideas

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