easter eggs

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Hi there,
My idea behind these eggs was I always liked the look of faberge eggs 
so I thought I would make my own version of them and add them as a decor for Easter or just give them away for a Easter gift..

So I started off with plastic eggs from the 2 dollar store and covered them in gesso..I done a few coats of gesso so you couldn’t see the plastic anymore then I used some paper clay and one of the iod moulds and add them around the center of the eggs while still wet and glued them on
Then I added a few more coats of gesso, then a coat of 3d matte gel over the top of the mounded clay 

then I sprinkled glitter on the wet 3d gel
Then next I painted the gees with pink paints then I added flowers ,crystals ,cotton threads... I used 3d matte gel to add beads around the flowers then used another Mould I created the base for the eggs to sit on and they were painted with gold..... you can see all the product at the bottom of my post

 Product used

961442 Art Basics - Heavy Gesso - White (8.5 fl. oz.)
963200 Art Alchemy-Acrylic Paint-Metallique Vintage Rose 1.7oz
964054 Art Alchemy - Sparks - Dragon's Eye 50ml
961398 Art Basics - 3D Matte Gel (8 fl. oz.)
961602 Art Ingredients - Glitter Set - Ebony & Ivory
961671 Art Ingredients-Glass Beads: Crystal 56g
963620 Art Alchemy: Acrylic Paint-Opal Magic Rose Gold 1.7oz
963613 Art Alchemy: Acrylic Paint-Opal Magic Aqua-Rose 1.7oz
631086 Cherry Blossom Flowers - Arya
994297 Love Story - SIIC
631338 Love Story Flowers - Damianne
815936 Decor Mould 2.5"x3.5" - Fleur

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