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Hi.. Rant ahead lol
So Saturday was advent full I had to go to the dentist one of my teeth had a hole in it and the pain was a little more than I could handle so off I went and he asked if I want a root canal now I've never had much luck with fillings so I was like just take it out but maybe that might have been wrong lol
So I get home after having it out I can't feel my face or tongue and because the bloody tooth had kept me up all night I decided to have a sleep as they said rest because the hole needs to clot up to cover the bone. So went all day with a numb face and the kids get home from school and have to go off to hockey I sat and watched so tv and had a play with some watercolours ..

Time for bed nd wouldn't ya know it the tooth socket was hurting a little but not that bad
So takes some panadol and go's back to sleep I think I might have woken up so many times with pain 
Totally drove me nuts so I thought maybe it's just part of having a tooth out ...not... so I spent another night in pain and taking pain killers and then gets a call from the dentist just before we sit down to eat dinner in my case yogurt.. So have to go in and get it checked out .....I have dry socket and he puts this stuff in the hole and says 10 minutes you won't feel any pain ok get home still have a little bit of pain but nothing like before so it not bad but he told me the stuff he put in can fall out so now I'm worried it will fall out and I will be in crazy pain again... So I'm hoping it won't take a super long time to heal up cause cause it just hurts way too much

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