Sun And Sand - Sassy Moodboard Challenge

8:33 AM

So this months fabulous moodboard is full of beautiful colour

this collection is super fun to play with the pops of pink, blue and green are so lovely  and i don't think my hubby minds that i used pink to scrap him as long as i love the page i created i think that's all that matters

i love this scrap fx Orchid Stencil
that i used along with some modelling paste , pink pant and a little bit of blue

pop on over to the sassy shop and check out this fab collection

BE-YOU-TIFUL Dazzling Paper 12x12BE-YOU-TIFUL Grateful Paper 12x12BE-YOU-TIFUL Captivating Paper 12x12
BE-YOU-TIFUL CollectablesWood Icons in a Box Flowers and Leaves 1Blush PearlsPaint Pretty PinkSea Breeze Paint

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