October 14, 2013

butterfly cut out tutorial

i have a little tutorial that i did for Sassy Scrapper
so lets get creative with a fun cut file 
you can download the free butterfly cut file  <----
you may say that's totally simple 
but you can do so much with something as simple as a butterfly 
start by cutting the butterfly out 
 cut out a bit of patterned paper and a bit of vellum the same size at as the butterfly cut out 
 add a little bit of double sided tape to each side of the cut out
  add a little bit of double sided tape to each side to your vellum
 now layer patterned paper, cut out, then vellum
 using a sewing machine stitch around the edge of the butterfly starting from the right top corner to the left top corner
 then pop in your  sequins and you a Popsicle stick to poke them into the butterfly
 then stitch around the rest of the butterfly to close it up
 and then trim around your butterfly being careful not to cut the stitching
 then you done now you have a fun embellishment to add to your scrapbook page or a card

and here is my layout ive used my butterfly embellishment

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