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 lol got ya with that title
more wonderful chipboard products with ScrapFX
their are so many ways you can decorate them..
this page is all about my daughters they are always together playing with something outside
and frogs have always been their favorite to play with
so when i can i always take pics of them having fun ...
...i love that my girls love nature ...

ScrapFX - always, midi Model: 2013205
ScrapFX - together, midi Model: 2013214

 the photo on this layout is a close up of the frogs that the girls are playing with in the first layout
my girls put sticks and leaves in the water for them to climb on i think i was very lucky to get a photo so cute lol it looks like the frogs on top of the stick are whispering to each other...

American Crafts Dear Lizzy -Neapolitan
tiny wood peg,twine, cotton,paint,ink
mont marte impasto
scrapFX - Leaf set stencil Model: 2013184

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