Photo fun..

12:25 PM

A few weeks ago the kids and my hubby and I went for a walk around our property ...

It wasn't a good idea to start with as we seen a few snakes (yack) but it was a beautiful day
So I wondered off and found this big patch of purple flowers "weeds" but they would look great in a photo I thought daughter Kara came running over and sat right in the middle of them so I told her I would take a photos to scrapbook lol...I was playing around with different settings so it my daughter just being herself...

I like to chat to my girls when I'm taking photos of them it's like they forget you are taking photos of them...

We always talk about stuff that makes us laugh its a good way to get that smile pic

I seen that she was sitting like this so I took it quick
In this photo she was dancing around when I took it..

I had a super time with my girls and got some fun photos out of it..

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