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I suppose you would say I'm not much of a big blogger when it comes to talking about me or family mostly a private person or you could say people have enough problems of their own but today I thought I would just go with the flow and see where it takes me ,trying to be a bit more open lol 
I see so many peeps sharing their craft like crazy ! I would love to that !! But I have this thought a lot that what if people hate it and they think omg not this again (trying to be more comfortable with not caring about what I think other people think lol) yeah I know ridiculous huh but I know I'm not alone in that I'm sure. my hubby is my rock when it comes to that ,he is always telling me your amazing !! 
I'm one of those girls who spends a lot of time alone from as long as I've known it's always been like that. I think my my thought I was a little odd lol but drawing,painting and just craft in general was my happy place and it still is .theirs not a day goes by that I'm not creating something of some sort .
When I first started scrapbooking I was truely amazed at the whole design team thing it totally blown away by it actually that it gives you a chance to create something that they thought was amazing and that was shared with the world and I was totally hooked by that !! So I kept on creating and hoping that one day my art /craft would be amazing enough!! ..hey I'm still trying but I've had some amazing opportunities along the way and I'm still excited and enjoying it who wouldn't!! 
I took up photography because theirs nothing better then being able to take an amazing shot of your kids playing sports are just playing in the back yard but I must say I absolutely love taking pictures of flowers I have no idea why but it just draws me in ..but see that's another think I don't share that I think that should be shared great photos on my blog.. I'm a big doodler I sit in the lounge room drawing flowers that I can cut out with my silhouette so much fun ...I've always wanted to become a product designer lol dreamer!! Maybe one day ...this year I've taken up painting I wanna learn how to paint better with watercolour I absolutely love watercolour I do flick a lot of it on my layouts but I don't do it all the time over the past year I've become more of a white space lover the crisp clean background love it...so I'm going to try this year to share more of me on my blog this year so if you follow my Instagram you will see some of the stuff I've been doing this year but I'm going to try to share it here to as I want to get over my little silly fear of thinking my stuff isn't good enough to share crap. ..lol I'm my worst critic..
Playing with watercolour 

My doodling 

My photography 

Thanks for listening ..xx

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