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For the past week I've been creating Christmas stuff for around the home to make it a bit more festive and my girls have been putting Christmas decorations up all over the place lets hope they have left some room for me to put up some lol...
So here is what I've done so far 
My tree needed a star for the top so I used this template
And got to work printing it and cutting it out and then tracing around it twice on cardstock
Once I had it cut out I I used my scoring tool and scored both stars
Then lined up the the stars and glued them together 
Next I painted the star with texture paste and glitter glue then sprinkled lots of glitter till the whole star was covered then I cut a little hole in the bottom of the star to insert a tube for the star to stay upright and added a silver bow.

And here is a bit of Instagram fun

My next project was to make a wreath for our door
So I set off to look for bendy branches and bend them into place

And here is what it looked like after I had finished
Then I spray painted it

Now it's ready to decorate 

the pine cones are slowly opening up.

My next project was to make some Christmas cards

Then I thought as my mum lives away from us I would make a photo card

and inside of the card
So I ended up making one for my nan and pop too

Thanks for looking 
Crafty hugs..xx

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