Make your own project life pockets....

11:21 AM

hi... :)
i thought it would be a fun idea to try and make my own project life page with pockets
i know ,your thinking thats not going to be as easy as you think but it is .. its super easy

so you will need
  • 12x12 page protector sleeve
  • Sewing machine
  •  craft knife
  • led pencil
  • ruler
  • cardstock
start by working out what size pockets you want
 i have choose to divide mine in 3

 im using the ruler on my trimmer and my led pencil to lightly draw lines on the plastic sheet protector

 this is what it looks like after i have penciled my lines now..
then i flip it over and pencil the lines on the other side

  now ive ran my plastic sheet protector through my sewing machine
 ive slid in a little book so i did not cut through the 2 sides of my sheet protector


i hope you have enjoyed my Tutorial 
if anyone creates one i would love to see it...

Ab- hugs Tag

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