Kara fractured her Leg...

9:06 AM

well life at home has been a little crazy in the last week i must say
as my daughter has fractured her leg this is how it happened
kara went to try out for rep hockey for Maryborough  and she already played 1 game she just had 1 game to go and she was told after the first game to sit down and drink her water an have a rest before the next game but kids don't always do what they are told and her and a friend thought it would be fun to play tug a war with their sticks and her friend let go and Kara fell backwards and landed on her left leg awkwardly with all her weigh and crushed her leg and if she did not have her shin guard pads on her leg it would of been way worse.. and the worst thing was we got a phone call that afternoon saying she got picked for team 1 but we had to tell them the bad news that she would be out all season
this was here first cast to let the swelling to go down
and to make it worse only a few days after she did it was her 11th birthday so we played video games and watched movies for her birthday

and on the monday just gone she got her new cast on that she will have on from 6 to 8 weeks
so no sport for her for a while and i know for a fact that's it killing her as she just wants to go out side and play with her sister and play hockey and we only just brought her a new hockey stick too a hundred odd bucks on a stick she cant use the hockey season poor girl

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