Kitty Soft Paws layout

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 i did this layout for a challenge over at sketchabilities using this fab sketch
i really enjoyed making this layout as this cat has a little story about how she became our pet
as you all will know lots of pets are lost or dumped around Christmas time it is truly sad that this happens...
so  my hubby was having his morning coffee outside at five in the morning and seen this little grey cat down our back yard he just thought that it was one of our neighbors cats and didn't worry about it and a few days went passed and he was seeing it more and more around the house it was living under our big boat .
as it has been hot here we started to have a few barbies and I'm sure she smelt the food and thought this family might feed me and they have kids so I'm gunna get heaps of love she was so right about that!!!
well she wondered down the drive way following the smell of yummy food and sat in the garden where we could see her and my first thought was someone had been dumped or she was lost but if you think about it cats don't really get lost do they but as it was so close to Christmas  you just know she was unwanted and dumped so i went over and patted her  and the girls went and did the same she ate well that night and every night since then too we also have not had any snakes since she become our pet
our girls named her bindi the jungle cat  but me i always give our pets funny nicknames so i call her miss prickles  lol

and the Tutorial for these flowers you can find them here

Thanks for looking

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