OH The Horror - LBS creepy and kooky Cybercrop

10:55 PM

so the Little scrapbook shop are having their monthly cybercrop and I'm lovin it sick...lol i totally love horror I'm the only one in the house that likes horror movies i have a sick and twisted mind i think all the blood an gore i just love it...i still have 4 challenges to do but i thought i would share the 2 that i have done so far and the awesome poster that was created by Kerryn for the LBS creepy and kooky Cybercrop

so for the first LO i did was challenge # 4
i used a photo of my hubby in a cage i know its not that scary but the look on my hubby's face is ...lol

and now for challenge # 2
i vamped my kid yep and she totally likes it how kool is that... and before you say i wonder if she knows that her S is upside down well yes i had to be a little kooky


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